Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Wood (published in Aesthetica 2003)

(inspired by a painting 'The Wood' by Oriel Cockram Stratford-upon-Avon Art Society Gallery)

Warm, welcoming wood
Tempting me in to your shroud of safety
From the moment I enter I am lost to the world
You find me
You cradle me in your creaking limbs
And rock me into oblivion
A whisper on the wind
Answers every question I ever asked
And those I did not dare to
Your ancient wisdom reverberates through me
In every groan, every shudder
As the honeysuckle sunbeams illuminate your twisting tendrils
I feel the light run to me, through me
I surrender to your leafy lullaby
I become yours once again

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fallenangel66 said...

OMG!!! You were published in Aesthetica? isnt that like a really reaaly successful journaly thing.
Its all big and glossy and available at good and not so good bookshops and other retail outlets.

Wow i feel in the presence of greatness. I am unworthy of these words oh mighty one xxx