Saturday, September 02, 2006


You soak me in your shimmering stream
I awaken
My senses are electrified
You scare and soothe me all at once
What is this hold you have on me?
So far away, yet I feel your force within
Your power pulls me
Stirring deep emotions down inside
Long forgotten, yet never removed
Pure energy, courses through my every vein
I yearn for fulfilment, but the nature escapes me
A pale enigma, you move me in ways I cannot understand
Restless but subdued, I give myself up
I lay down before you and surrender to sleep
Safe in your milky glow, until the black clouds encroach
And we are hidden again

1 comment:

fallenangel66 said...

This is quite a sexy bit aint it? or is that my drrrrty mind infiltrating your writing? I dont just mean the milky glow hahahaha

The whole thing is all powerful and pulsing and alive and dark and i feel like i'm bein bathed in the stream of its light and anyways
enough of that
you certainly can create a feeling with your words