Saturday, September 02, 2006


I can't get off this 'Highway to Heaven'
It's all I know
I've thought about taking the middle way
But I'm not sure, I'm not sure
This guilt is so familiar
I know the words by heart
I whisper them every night
Into the darkness
And they soothe me into sleep
My melancholy mantra

Each day I strive anew
To be good in every way
Each day I fail
I carry my heavy cross in silence
But I stumble
I'm so tired

This journey is too hard, too long
And I keep getting lost in the woods
They're so dark and forgiving
But I can't stay!
I can't hide forever in these trees
With the moon on my face and a chant on my lips
I can't run away!

The highway is too loud
I can't escape the din
I always end up back on this road again
It's safe but suffocating
Dare I desert it?
What if I'm lost forever?
I didn't choose this road
But the gravel is in my soul

1 comment:

fallenangel66 said...

didn't choose this road
But the gravel is in my soul

hahaha wow thats so wickid i love it. I'm so gonna steal that for a song if anyone ever lets me back in a band to screech at people.