Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sean O'Brien Workshop poem

(inspired by an Edward Hopper painting)

I didn't mean to do it
How could I have known?
It seemed like such a good idea

The walls were closing in on me
The sound of nothing, hurt my ears
The branches tapped upon my windowpane

It felt like heaven, smelt like heaven
Pinecones, squirrels and a crisp, red carpet

I thought it was a fairytale
Things like that are never real
Just made up to keep young souls in line

The moonlight pulled me further in
I floated through the midnight trees
The wind… it carried me, encouraged me…

But then I met my dark surprise
I saw my death in both his eyes
I'd run into his arms
This night was his

As I waited for my end
There he appeared, my father, now my saviour
I was saved and he was lost
Now I'm alone

1 comment:

fallenangel66 said...

Okay I may have this all kinds of wrong but is it maybe about a girl killing off her father? If so nice one so dark and twisted but poetic and reightous too.
I'm diggin the fairytale motif agian as well yor royal Grimmness. does remind me agian of some you know who's words. Altho even if i spot another i promise this is the last time i quote him on your page but til now he was my favourite writery type now i guess i got two. Its just wierd that you write difrent but on things that are kind of the same. Cnat rememeber what it was called, but here goes my memory:
"I'll pick you up at the hotel tomorro, we wont tell they wont follow.
Pack yor bags put all trust in me.
Never had a gun to his head thats what he said but he was shot dead with the vengeance that his daughter fed.
I've always been a sucker for a brown-eyed punk-rock girl and for her I'd shoot the world.
Shoot him down for all the nightmares,
what goes around comes on round.
Your father is also your pain,
I love you and for us I shot him down."

Youl be relieved to hear i dont remember the rest of it hahahaha