Saturday, September 02, 2006


That's what I have to do
Why would I?

I only have a headache
My head is throbbing, aching, nearly breaking
The pain, it bursts through every vein
It pushes all the time, behind my eyes

Like splinters, stabbing through each lid
I open them and cry what feels like blood!
Hot and sore, it doesn't help
What does?

A headache, migraine, what you will
Is why I'm holding this bottle of pills
That's why! The only reason!

It's not because I'm screaming inside
It's not because of the pain I hide
It's not because I'm wondering
If I could really…stop…it all!?

…if I could give up trying, crying
saying sorry and being afraid
wishing I were stronger, surer, happier…
a little less crazy?

But it might hurt
And it might not work
And it might just make things worse!

I picture a cell in hell, alone
A disappointed God, 'how could you?'
A torturous drifting, a weeping soul
A vast black sea to drown in

Oil slick fingers suffocating
Strangling and deprecating
A Hamlet hologram glints on the lid
'What dreams may come' if I actually did?

1 comment:

fallenangel66 said...

You make me feel physical hurt for you with this. Ive been there but not so bad I dont think.

Sorry to keep quoting his royal cuteness at you but have you heard his song:
"Here is your broken character,
the one left of heaven.
siscors cut him from the page
trust me
the heomoraging has ceased
has ceased.
And I've swallowed these capsules, to regain my grip.
And I swallowed myself siiiiiick.
And I inherited my health."

I wish i could do what you guys can
i really adore your work serpent