Saturday, September 02, 2006


Eating sweets on the sofa on a Saturday afternoon
I realise I am happy
As I bite into the dark, crisp chocolate
And reach the fluffy, sweet orange centre
My mouth is in momentary paradise
I can't help but smile
As I unwrap another

I tuck my chilly toes
Under my boyfriends warm legs
And watch him watching his football
His face contorts from joy to frustration
I find it much more enjoyable
Than the boring match

I mimic him and he laughs
He concentrates and I scribble in my notepad
We both have our distractions
But we are connected

Safe on our sofa
In our cosy little living room
In the glow of our TV
A family friend
We are cocooned in comfort

For a short time
We are removed from reality
There are no politics here
No threat of war
No murders, robberies or rape
Just warmth and love and boring football
Pulling faces and eating sweets
And watching the sky in the mirror on the wall
From blue
To grey
To white

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