Sunday, November 05, 2006


I have fallen again
Into my oubliette.
On the shiniest day
It found me still.
The trapdoor opened
I stumbled
I fell.

Darkness thickens
In my oubliette.
It fills my eyes,
Surrounding me,
Consuming me.

Panic leaves me paralysed
As shadows strangle,
Screams are swallowed,
Silenced. Blackness pours down my throat
To drown me.

I am quiet
In my oubliette,
My crypt,
My cell.

I am still
Inside my oubliette,
So quiet,
So still,
So easy to forget.

1 comment:

steven.nash82 said...

It took me a while to work out where I'd heard that word before (Oubliette)and then it hit me and now I cannot get David Bowie out of mind whilst I read it.