Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Loose lips sink ships

Loose lips sink ships, he says,
and she sees from the swell of blue in his eyes,
he's going under.

Each explanation she offers, it ruptures him.
Every apology, a breach in his bow.
She's shunned into silence, too late.

She'd tried to refrain, to contain what she knew,
but her heart had escaped through her mouth once again,
and she sang like a siren.

Now she swims to him through screaming squalls
and pulls him to the shore.

Loose lips sink ships, she says,
but a kiss can save our souls.


Anonymous said...

You paint atmospheres in the scenery and desire in the characters really well and I think that's why people always like to tell you what they think or feel about your work, its because there is always a moment in the poems where it reaches out and touches you.

When I first read it, the 3rd line really stood out to me. Its like in this moment you can stop and see all the people at once - the he, the she, the writer and yourself as the reader, and they are all contemplating the same moment. I like those moments in creative work where you feel like your stood on the precipice of something that is making you want to fall.

Bangkok.Ian said...

Love this one; images of war, mythology, love....
Keep in touch, you escape artist!