Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Day The Clocks Went Back (a writing date collaboration with Mr Nash)

The Day the clocks went back,
the August sky bled grey.
Thirteen moths escaped through skin.
Chaos called. We let him in.
I saw you cry.

The roses lost their heads. The one
you gave me faded on my ribs,
the ink still wet,
the flesh still red.
I said goodbye.

The bath ran cold. My eyes ran dry.
The hermit left the house.


steven.nash82 said...

Chaos called. We let him in.

Awesome thats like the mantra for my existence you warped lil loon!

the ink still wet,
the flesh still red.

You n ur tattoo imagery!
I love that too though the idea of the tattoo that thing that is so permanent and passionately loved when you get it but can soon be regretted

I really like the couplet which is made by the ending lines of the stanzas too

I saw you cry
I said goodbye

Its kinda twisted when looked at like that because tears usually endear but here they push away.

Love it love it love it

Nice Work ya big poetical freak

We must collaborate again soon but only if you promise to write something poorer next time so i look better


hodgehedge said...

Bath ran cold my eyes ran dry

I like that sooo much. It really emotes that feeling where you feel like you just cant cry anymore and you're all dried up.
And the bath ran cold?
Thats a perfect poetic line, i'm guessing the warmth of a person dissapeared? The fire of passion evaporated? Do tell