Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A poem for a wedding

I try to find the words
but love's hard to describe.

It's stolen moments,
easy silence,
looks that could fill books.

It's cuddles in the kitchen.
It's driving in the dark.
It's turning up their favourite song.
Knowing they need the heater on.
Rushing to boil the kettle
when you hear their car.

It's the way you feel your heart swell
when they smile at you,
and the shiver
when their fingers touch your face.
It's minutes melting into hours.
It's laughing like a child.
It's snuggling on the sofa
when the weather's wild.

It's the news that isn't real
until you tell them.
It's the tissues that they bring you
when you cry.
It's talking when you know
they're really listening.
It's the understanding sigh.

It's the key that locks the door at night.
and the moment you turn off the light.
It's the arms that cling
and don't let go.
The nuzzled neck,
the shared pillow.
The touch that says much
more than any sentence.

I've tried to find the words,
I've tried.
But love's hard to describe.


steven.nash82 said...

Aw gorgeous and perfectly pitched for a wedding poem.

The most impressive thing here is that you've side-stepped the usual meaningless cliches that litter most mainstream poetry and songs about love; you know things like love is always and forever love is the waves crashing against the shore love is your tears falling like leaves in autumn bleeuurrrgghh!

Instead of all the usual meaningless abstractions you evoke little moments which seem so personal but which everyone can get:

Rushing to boil the kettle
when you hear their car

Thats my favourite one. Its lovely and sweet without turning onto balking territory and there won't be a dry eye in the church (or whereva this is goin down).

The ease of charm and rhythm you put into your poems is always so natural and I salute you. It feels like this poem has already been around for ages you know - I dont mean like i think you've been plagiarising, what I mean is it feels so fully-fledged and has such a strong poetic authenticity that I feel like I could open up a love poetry anthology and find this nestling comfortably with the classics.

Well done Dani your brother and his betrothed will adore it I'm certain.x

hodgehedge said...

I agree with mr 82

This poem is timeless and lovely in the way its pitched i bet there wasnt a dry eye in the house

Anonymous said...

That is an amazing gift to give someone on such a special day :D