Sunday, August 10, 2008

Paper Willow - Wishing Tree (Inspired by Memory of Place-art installation at St Mary’s by Keiko Mukaide)

If wishes were willows,
they’d line every street.
They’d rustle and crinkle
their white paper leaves.

They’d hang low and heavy
with the weight of our woes.
They’d lean and embrace us
in long silent rows.
They’d keep our small secrets,
in loosely tied bows.


steven.nash82 said...

A question of I may be so bold - how do you manage to weave these intricate rhythms and rhyming structures and make them sound so simple. It feels as though they just drop from your mouth (or mind) perfectly formed-reading your stuff (and sorry if this comes across overly gushy -if thats even a word)I get the same feeling as when you watch a really talented musician or artist, it seems so effortless like you were born with the paintbrush or instrument in ur hands. I am in awe.

hodgehedge said...

If wishes were willows they'd line every street

Thats swimming beautifully round and round my little mind right now so I'm gonna leave the commenting there for the day as I dont want to push it out.
Thanks for the words Serpent you are amazing xxx