Saturday, July 12, 2008


(Inspiration from Castle Museum)

Thunder rattles brittle windows,
blackened sky pours down.
Water splashes shiny cobbles,
Lightening cracks the ground.

My window seat is draughty,
the wind, it reaches in.
Water pools on tinted glass,
my warmth comes from within.

This trinket box, I'm cradling,
this pretty, silver, tomb,
it holds a secret, small and precious,
that makes my cool face burn.

My thoughts are embers,
sparking, dancing,
leaping through my rainy eyes.
They fly to you, through
storms and darkness.
They call to you,
from broken skies.


steven.nash82 said...

This is very cool. It's got great rhythm and the final stanza is spectacular - I may be forced to plagiarise you for a future song. "My thoughts are embers" that whole thing reminds me of a Bukowski poem on the nature of poetry which is concocted from variations of the line "if it doesn't come screaming out from within you, don't do it." Your thoughts leaping through your rainy eyes is a spectacular image.

miltonicaaargghh said...

Hi I found you through the starlight page and am really glad I did. I've been reading your work all morning and this is my favourite piece I really really love your work well done stormy xoxo