Thursday, November 01, 2007

As White as Snow (from Awakening)

As white as snow,
As red as blood,
As black as ebony,
My face betrays me.

I reach into my own reflection,
Though I cannot reach the one who watches.
I cannot touch the one who taunts me,
Tempts me, tricks me,
Hunts me, haunts me.
The mirror cracks
Into a thousand icy shards,
To stab me with.

My heart is knotted tight like branches,
In a twisted, tangled tree.
I wait in wintry woods so silent,
I wait for death to come for me.

It knocks on my door
In a long black shawl,
Face and voice disguised.
It wraps me up in coloured ribbons,
Combs my hair with poisoned teeth,
Lures me from my loneliness,
To murder me.

Yet still I breathe,
I cry, I scream.
I hide away, I sleep, I dream.

But fools soon forget to fear the dark,
Young girls desire dangerous things,
Forbidden fruit tastes so delicious,
And angels often lose their wings.

I surrender to my destiny,
With just one bite, I faint, I fall.
I slip into my sleeping death,
No longer fairest of them all.


steven.nash82 said...

Love this! my favourite couplet has to be: It wraps me up in coloured ribbons,
Combs my hair with poisoned teeth

That last line is so chilling but darkly comic (or maybe i'm just a wee bit sick)combs my hair with poisoned teeth, i adore the way that rolls off the tongue

miltonicaaargghh said...

Your work is really seductive, very angela carter. You're like a twisted pied piper witch luring people in with your hypnotising words. Or a psiren out to sea and i for one am glad to crash on your rocks.
Well done i'm hooked

Jeni M xoxo