Sunday, January 21, 2007


I hide inside a hollow tree
Until the full moon calls to me.
I paw the earth, I pant, I growl,
I lift my head and howl.
I am the wolf within you.
You feel my pelt beneath your skin,
My hunger in your belly.
And when you walk on windy nights
You know you walk with wolves.
Your instinct pricks your ears,
You turn to see the pack,
But only blackness meets your eyes,
You still look back.

We wolves are many,
We place our paws between the worlds
And leap into the souls of women.

So when you hear a lonely call
And crave the company of kin,
Go out into the silver night,
And seek out those who don’t rush in.
The moon-gazers, the wanderers, with faces skyward you will find them,
And as they pass beneath that pulsing, lunar glow,
Their shadow shows the tail they drag behind them.

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